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Daddy’s Dungeon – Scene 3: Alex Killian and Sherman Maus

Daddy's Dungeon - Scene 3: Alex Killian and Sherman Maus

In today scene by Fisting Central, slaves Alex Killian and Sherman Maus enjoy one another inside the daddy’s dungeon. Sherman fucks the cum out of Alex.

Alex Killian and Sherman Maus are in the dungeon, and the two obedient slaves are eagerly waiting for their owner to arrive in the dungeon. The two men want to be consumed and humiliated immediately, but apparently their daddy will not arrive soon. Alex receives a text, telling him that daddy will be late today. Too bad news about the two slaves because they have not seen their master since morning.

Apparently Alex Killian and Sherman Maus have to start without a master, so Sherman proposes to play the role of master for today’s session. Alex is more than happy to hear that, so he responds with “Yes sir, as you order sir”. Sherman grabs his leather whip and begins to spank and flog Alex, just as the obedient slave loves. Sherman does not stop. He continues with Alex’s ass, spanking and flogging it, while his cheeks are pinkish red.

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Sherman knows that his slave for the day is expecting something harder, so he goes on with the ass servicing. Sherman puts his tongue in the hole and starts rimming. Alex’s anus pulsates with pleasure, and Sherman definitely sees that Alex is finally ready for more serious anal games.

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Sherman Maus stands up and inserts his massive penis deep into Alex’s hole. He fucks the slave as rough as possible by plowing the bottom from behind. Then, Alex Killian rolls on his back and spreads his legs wide. Sherman penetrates the ass again and continues with more powerful ass fucking. After fucking cum out of Alex, Sherman adds his own jizz to the sticky mess.

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