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Drew Sebastian Fists Jim Fit In Stripper Hole Tryouts

Drew Sebastian Fists Jim Fit In Stripper Hole Tryouts 12

Officially! Jim Fit is now a professional fisting bottom!

Muscular power bottom Jim Fit makes his gay fisting debut in a scene with Drew Sebastian in Stripper Hole Tryouts where Drew barebacks and fists him. Drew (in the role of a striptease club manager) has been in business for many years, but the pandemic has made his business difficult, and bar visitors are declining.

Drew thinks that one of the reasons for the decline in his club’s profits is the lack of new faces, which makes him organize a competition for new strippers. Several talents are trying their luck, but none of them are worthy of Drew’s high standards. Just when Drew is desperate, Jim Fit appears – a charming young man with a good muscular body.

Drew Sebastian is almost certain that this is the talent he is looking for, but he still decides to put Jim to a few more tests. Drew tells Jim Fit that he needs to prove his loyalty to the club owner by taking his raw dick up his ass, adding that it’s a great way to get deeply involved. Jim agrees and immediately falls on all fours to prove his loyalty.

Drew starts fucking him with his extremely big dick, but as an experienced professional, he immediately realizes that Jim is not just a great bottom, but a fisting bottom. That’s why he replaces the dick with his fist, which leads Jim to real ecstasy. Drew fist fucks Jim in various positions, revealing the beauty of his rosebud. Of course, after this special session, Jim gets the job.

Photos of Drew Sebastian & Jim Fit for Stripper Hole Tryouts

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