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FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department: Sherman Maus Fist Fucks Tony Orlando

FFPD - Fist Fuck Police Department: Sherman Maus Fist Fucks Tony Orlando 7

Sherman Maus and Tony Orlando have unfinished job, so they return to FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department for more gay fisting and extreme hole stretching. Last time officer Orlando fist fucked Sherman, as Sherman promised him that he would return the favor next time. Well, today is this time. Tony is going to have his fat rosebud brutally used by Sherman’s fist and dick. Before we tell you more about the scene, we want to congratulate Tony on his incredible progress. He already has a well-formed rosebud (an it’s pretty big), which can take a big dick and a fist at once. Yes, Tony’s a step away from double fisting.

Now, let’s talk about the scene. The beginning is standard, the two men touch their cocks and exchange blowjobs. Very quickly, the action changes in the right direction, Sherman rims Tony’s hole and a few seconds later, he has already placed his fist in Tony’s crater. It seems that Tony has room for one more thing, so Sherman slides his member into the already filled hole. Tony gets fisted and fucked at the same time, as the result of this double invasion is shown in a matter of minutes. Tony’s fat rosebud needs attention, and Sherman knows how to make this hole happy. He stands behind Tony and proceeds rosebud rimming.

Pretty kinky, hot gay fisting scene, huh?

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