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Fist Pumpers: Matt Stevens and Chris Wydemen

Fist Pumpers: Matt Stevens and Chris Wydemen 1

The hunky solid and hairy couple Matt Stevens and Chris Wydeman are in the carport amidst an overwhelming make out session. Chris yanks off Matt’s shirt and adores his bushy armpits. With Matt swelling out of his pants, he pushes Chris down on his knees so that Chris can profound throat his cock effortlessly.

Matt directs the concentration toward Chris and curves him over to assess, at that point eat Chris’ shaggy bear ass. When Matt heats up Chris’ hole with his tongue, he climbs Chris’ leg up onto a stepping stool and gradually brings his gigantic fist into Chris’ hole.

With Matt’s hand still somewhere within him, Chris’ pushes and spins on the hole-extending fist. Exchanging positions Chris gets on each of the fours and utilizations the base of the step as use as Matt continues siphoning his fist all through Chris’ asshole. Chris pivots to wrap up Matt’s cock making Matt release a thick rich load onto Chris’ face facial hair.

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