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Wall Stuffed – Scene 3: Thyle Knoxx & Oliver Smith

Wall Stuffed - Scene 3: Thyle Knoxx & Oliver Smith 4

Bromo’s gay BDSM series “Wall Stuffed” continues with Thyle Knoxx & Oliver Smith. Thyle is the master and Oliver is his submissive, hungry for a cock, bottom. While examining the rooms at the local gay bar, Oliver finds the room where Bo Sinn usually processes his slaves. The room is empty and there is no one, so Oliver decides to look at what is inside. Oliver’s intrigued. It looks like he got into the torture chamber at the bar. With sincere amazement Oliver examines the appliances and furniture available in the room, trying to find an explanation of how they work.

Oliver Smith decides it’s time to leave the room when he hears footsteps near him. He is worried because no one invited him to the room, so he decides to hide in the corner. It’s a useless move because Thyle Knoxx already knows Oliver is in the room. Thyle commands his new slave to stand on the bench, where people who enter the dungeon without invitation get their lessons. Thyle grabs a slapper and begins spanking Oliver’s butt. He then face fucks the bottom, before pushing his dick inside Oliver’s butt. After brutally fucking Oliver, Thyle leaves the room, abandoning Oliver destroyed and drowned in cum.

Gay Fisting: Wall Stuffed - Scene 3: Thyle Knoxx & Oliver Smith 1

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