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Rough Top Vito Torments & Fucks Ryan Cage

Rough Top Vito Torments & Fucks Ryan Cage 4

Ryan Cage likes to be the submissive, helpless bottom in Vito’s sadistic game!

In today’s Bromo video, heavy tattooed Ryan Cage gets used and tormented by his owner – the furry and very rough bareback fucker Vito. Ryan just can’t wait to test out all the torture that Vito has prepared for him! Completely naked, the tattooed man is chained with chains for the Cross of St. Andrew, making an attempt to attract the attention of his master. He shakes his chains and calls Vito to come and use him.

Pictures from the scene

Vito knows the wait is part of the game. So he makes Ryan wait a little longer before he shows up to give Ryan what he wants. Vito uses his teeth to stimulate Ryan’s hard cock by roughly working it with teeth & mouth while squeezing Ryan’s balls. A few slaps, a little more cock & balls torture, and Vito decides it’s time for raw thrusting. Vito takes off the restraints so he can feed Ryan his dick and fuck the impatient bottom. Vito ends up while pulling his cock out of Ryan’s ass, then he cums once again, covering Ryan with thick jizz.

Gay Fisting: Rough Top Vito Torments & Fucks Ryan Cage 1

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