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Men On Edge: Dillon Diaz Edged By Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin

Men On Edge: Dillon Diaz Edged By Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin 7

Dillon Diaz thinks he’s going to another casting when he loses consciousness. He wakes up in a dark cellar, tied, with a mask of his eyes. Without knowing it, Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin have chosen him for this week’s edging session for Men On Edge. The dildo fucking machine is there, the toys too, so that Dillon has to relax and obey his new masters. He cannot escape, so his only way out is to indulge in the experience.

Chance guzzles on Dillon Diaz’s hard dick while Sebastian includes areola suction cups, at that point acquires the cock stroker. Chance works and sucks Dillon’s cock, carrying him to the edge, before tickling him…for the first of multiple times. They at that point come back to working that fat dick, twitching him off and giving him a chance to push in a purposeless exertion to cum. Sebastian and Chance at that point turn their consideration on his delightful ass. They push a fucking machine up his hole and let it fuck him as Chance again takes his dick in his wet, hungry mouth. After another climax disavowal, Dillon Diaz is suspended on his back, again fastened to the roof by numerous ropes. He has a bar choke in his mouth and his wrists and lower legs limited, so by and by he’s a captive to the impulses of his lords.

They bother him with another cock stroker, carrying him to the edge and after that pulling him back. Stimulating him again on his feet, which drives him absolutely wild. They push a butt attachment up his ideal ass, love his feet and cock, and afterward eagerly get the opportunity to work preparing that dick of his to cum. This time they go directly over the line, working his cock to the final turning point. Dillon Diaz’s been edged like insane, so when he shoots he can scarcely contain his groans and shouts. Sebastian torments his delicate cock head, at that point they stimulate him a third, and most horrendous time. Dillon gets a full exercise, from head to dick to toe, at that point back to that dick. He has an awesome time doing it, and Sebastian and Chance have a ton of fun getting it going.

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Gay Fisting: Men On Edge: Dillon Diaz Edged By Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin 1

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