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Master Sharok Torments and Fucks Franco Nunez in Leather

Master Sharok Torments and Fucks Franco Nunez in Leather 7

Franco Nunez wanted just a pleasant night with his favorite actor Sharok. He asked Sharok to wear leather, which turned the star into a very bad Master. Eventually, Franco ended up fucked and tormented. It’s the short story. The full version is a little more interesting. It all started with a chat between the two men in an application. They arranged a meeting, as Sharok promised Franco that he would be more than happy at the end of the meeting.

Franco Nunez imagines that sex will be rude because he likes it that way, but he does not know that the smell of leather is the thing that turns his partner into an aggressive master. Franco’s big mistake is that he asks Sharok to wear a leather uniform and boots, but he will realize it a little later. So instead in the bedroom, the two men find themselves in a dungeon where Franco’s torment begins. His master first forces him to lick his leather accessories. Then he makes a tunnel of burning candles and tells the slave to pass through the shower of hot wax, if he wants to suck a cock.

Franco executes all the commands and soon has Sharok’s big cock in his mouth. Then the master ties Franco to the Saint Andrews cross and whips him. The scene ends as Franco wanted from the beginning – with very rough anal sex.

Gay Fisting: Master Sharok Torments and Fucks Franco Nunez in Leather 1

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