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Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Straight Guy Elliot White

Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Straight Guy Elliot White 2

When straight men decide to do gay things, they tend to try everything. Just like Elliot White, who has a girlfriend, but he’s regularly practicing fisting without her knowing. This is his version, but as you will see, it is not confirmed by Seth Tyler. We must say from the position of people who have fisted straight dudes so many times — probably Elliot deceives only himself because let’s face it — his hole is more destroyed than the holes of most gay men. As Seth pointed, this hole cannot go unnoticed.

But let’s follow the events in chronological order. Elliot contacted Seth and told him that for a little money he would take a fist for the first time. When he came to Seth’s apartment, Elliot explained that he was not a fan of gay fisting, but he needed the money and promised to Seth he would take his whole fist. Well, a little later he got his rosebud heavy punched by Seth, so Elliot was the only one who thought anyone believed him. You know, such a big rosebud and a fist virgin ass… it’s impossible. As Seth said: “He was so experienced that it was certainly not his first time.”

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