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Fisted Rubber Gimp – Scene 2: Dominique Kenique Fists James Oakleigh

Fisted Rubber Gimp – Scene 2: Dominique Kenique Fists James Oakleigh 9

Put your rubber gloves on because James is waiting for your fist!

After his scene with Master Aaron, James Oakleigh puts his gas mask, dresses his rubber outfit up and heads to the next destination – the fisting room of Dominique Kenique. As you remember, last time Dominique fist fucked and barebacked the stud. James now looks forward to seeing what more the brutal top has invented about his hole. James imagines so many things. But his consciousness is too far from what the experienced Dominique has planned to do.

While Aaron tortured James, Dominic had mounted a dildo fucking machine with a big butt plug pinned on its top. The yellow dildo looks so massive but once Dominique turns the machine on, it slides with ease inside the rubber guy. At the touch of a button, Dominique speeds up the dildo and it starts fucking James’ hole extremely fast. Oakleigh senses how the machine destroys the last remnants of his ass, but instead of being embarrassed, he becomes even hornier.

The machine is great, but James still prefers to play with a big, hairy fist. Dominique penetrates James with his hairy paw and begins to massage the rubber stud’s guts. James rosebud is so swollen and big.. Kenique punches it for a while before he turns the dildo machine on again. This time it is tuned to the fastest program. While the toy is wrecking James’ ass, Dominique sits on the gas masks and stimulates James to sniff his ass. With the smell of sweaty hole and a large dildo in his rosette, James ends with a massive cumshot. Dominique is next. He cums onto James’ rubber, covering it with his fresh semen.


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