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Grayson Frost Whipped and Fucked by Leather Master Alex Killian

Grayson Frost Whipped and Fucked by Leather Master Alex Killian 6

In this video by BoundGods.Com, leather Master Alex Killian whips, humiliates, torments and fucks his BDSM slave Grayson Frost. Few words about Alex because he looks like he was reborn. Look at him wearing an amazing leather uniform – jacket, trousers, and amazing boots. This view makes us feel so horny. We really need that man. So, yep, leather makes Alex extremely sexy. As you already know, the scene will be painfully hot.

Grayson gazes toward Alex as Alex runs his gloved hands along Grayson’s chest and punctured areolas. He turns on the tens unit, sending power throbbing around Grayson’s uncircumcised cock. Grayson’s cock hops as Alex rapidly increases the power. Smiling, Alex starts to flagellate Grayson’s stomach and cock. Grayson groans as the hits fall increasingly hard on his touchy cock. All Grayson’s wincing and groaning are making Alex hard. He expels the bit stifler from Grayson’s mouth and replaces it with his stone-hard cock. Grayson enthusiastically eats up each inch as Alex fucks his face.

Next, Grayson is blindfolded and controlled on the entirety of his knees and elbows. Alex hits Grayson’s ass as he folds a hand over Grayson’s cock. Grayson cherishes feeling his Sir’s hand around his cock and is before long pushing his hips, asking for cum. In any case, Alex isn’t finished with Grayson yet. He singles tails Grayson, leaving quite pink stamps over his ass. Grayson howls as the tail fall again and again. Fulfilled his prostitute is taking the agony so well, Alex smacks the imprints on Grayson’s ass and lets Grayson suck his cock once more. He drives further and more profound into his skank’s warm mouth.

At that point, he puts Grayson on his back with his lower legs and wrists in stocks. He hauls out his hard cock and pushes it into Grayson’s tight ass. Grayson moans as his Sir extends him open. Before long he’s asking to cum as Alex gives his asshole a hard beating. Fortunately for Grayson, Alex is feeling liberal and rascals him off as he fucks him. At that point, Alex blows a major burden all over Grayson’s face.


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