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Kenta Punches Axel Abysse In See Through

Kenta Punches Axel Abysse In  See Through

“See through” is not just the usual fisting video of Axel Abysse because there he’s getting barebacked for the first time. Of course, the bareback part is not the most interesting for us, although the fact that Axel does it raw is news. We have to admit, it’s cool to watch Axel’s ass-lips wrap around Kenta’s raw dick. There’s something very erotic about these huge swollen ass-lips touching a dick, isn’t there?

As mentioned, Axel Abysse’s partner in See Through is Kenta. We’ve already seen him once in an Axel video from 2021. Kenta really knows how to use his fists, and that was obvious back then. Now he exceeds our expectations and we can call him a first-class fisting top. This man masters the art of punching to perfection. Look at Axel’s eyes as Kenta punches him. These are the eyes of a person who experiences inhuman pleasure. Good time to introduce the concept of fisting ecstasy.


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