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ManPlay Xtreme 3

ManPlay Xtreme 3 1

Go to the extreme. In ManPlay Xtreme 3, a couple of cute trainees are put through their paces as they’re coached through the finer points of gang banging, pissing, fisting and flogging by a dungeon full of hot studs. Brace yourselves, this time it’s a mix of the most startlingly aggressive guys from previous ManPlay orgies with handpicked, voracious newcomers in an over-the-top orgy of leather, kink and fetish play that will leave you speechless and ball-drained. The tit-tortured, piss-bathed, ass-flogged and fist-fucked action of ManPlay Xtreme 3 is powerfully real and unrelentingly spontaneous. You’ll be groveling, groaning and giving it up in gushers at each peak of its punishing sexplay.

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Gay Fisting: ManPlay Xtreme 3 1

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