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Master Ron Hades Flogs & Fist Fucks Axel Abysse

Master Ron Hades Flogs & Fist Fucks Axel Abysse

Ron Hades and Axel Abysse In a BDSM & Fisting Session That Will Leave You Speechless!

This week on AxelAbysse.Com, we’re going to enjoy the second part of the BDSM fisting session featuring Master Ron Hades and Axel Abysse. Flogging, waxirment, and fisting – this is the plan of today’s session. Master Ron approaching. Axel has a leather mask on the eyes and a ball in the mouth. He cannot speak or see what is happening, but he senses the hands of the master, touching his body. The moment is intimate as the relationship slave-master is very strong. Master Ron touches Axel, he kisses his body and plays with his nipples – the sensation is intimate and erotic.

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In the next part, the action is sadistic and extreme, reminiscent of classic BDSM scenes. Axel Abysse is on all fours, and master Ron Hades is pouring him with hot wax. The pain is burning, but at the same time, it’s very pleasant pain. Axel is completely hypnotized, as the painful moments turn into spiritual orgasms. Axel still sees nothing, but he can sniff the scent of the leather whip that the master has brought. It’s time for flogging. Master Ron flogs Axel, leaving bright, red traces on his back.

Pictures from the session

The climax is close. Master Ron Hades removes the mask from Axel’s eyes and shows him a small wooden box on the floor. The box has a small square hole, wide enough to allow Axel Abysse to position his butt right there. Now Axel is really excited. He will be fist fucked for the first time in this way – closed in a box, relying entirely on the skills of his master. At last, fisting starts. Master Ron puts his tattooed hand in Axel’s hole and starts quick rotations that cause a hurricane of powerful orgasms. Axel’s on top. He’s the happiest slave that ever existed.

Axel Abysse

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