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Myles Landon Punishes Chance Summerlin – Part 2

Myles Landon Punishes Chance Summerlin - Part 2 1

Myles Landon climbs up on the cage and fucks Chance Summerlin’s throat with his thick fuckin cock, pushing the head into his throat as he gags and chokes. Finally, Chance is bound with his ass up on a couch and Myles rams his huge cock into his ass. Chance loves getting fucked by that thick cock, even if it’s a strain.

At the same time, Myles shocks him with a zapper, hitting him with electric zaps all over his body and a fat dick in his ass. Myles finally shoots his load all over Chance while he lays helpless beneath him, ropes of cum hitting his face and body. Finished, Myles stroked Chance off and makes him cum, then leaves him there, sweaty, stretched and spent.

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Gay Fisting: Myles Landon Punishes Chance Summerlin - Part 2 1

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