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Nate Grimes & Drew Dixon Submit To Myles Landon

Nate Grimes & Drew Dixon Submit To Myles Landon

Myles Landon shows his slaves who the Boss is!

In this week’s scene of “Submission Prison” by Fisting Central, Nate Grimes and Drew Dixon submit to their bad and ruthless Master Myles Landon once again. The session is not the best we’ve seen, but Drew’s fat rosebud is quite a nice sight, so despite the slightly tedious and sluggish action, we give a very good rating of the video… Well, you know – we love rosebuds and Drew’s one looks so cool.

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As mentioned, the action is a little slow and scattered, and some details are puzzling. Nate Grimes is locked to the bars of the cell, and a big padlock is placed on his balls. We miss the balls torture, the torment of cock and balls is a mandatory part of any good BDSM scene, but here we do not see enough of it. On the other hand, fucking is cool. Myles Landon pumps Drew on the desk, and the camera focuses on Drew’s gaping rosebud.

Pictures from the scene

Later, Myles Landon lets Nate join in, and he also has his moments with Drew Dixon’s ruined hole. It’s a nice video, but we didn’t understand why Drew’s face was glued to a shoe. A leather mask would definitely be a much better accent.

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