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Club Inferno + Fisting Central = Fisting Inferno

Fisting Inferno
Two of the most popular gay fisting sites have merged into a new site to give you a better user experience, more exclusive content, much more weekly updates, and better quality. Now Fisting Central and Club Inferno Dungeon are Fisting Inferno. In addition to doubling the number of videos, you can now download any scene and keep it forever in your personal collection.

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ASSault: David Benjamin and Christian Lesage 2

ASSault: David Benjamin and Christian Lesage

David Benjamin and Christian Lesage get right to the intense action. Christian teases David’s burley, hairy nipples. David drops his fat cock down Christian’s throat. To make it sloppier, David

Fisting Playground 1 - The Movie

Fisting Playground 1 – The Movie

Welcome to the Fisting Playground – a members-only club tricked out with the kinkiest buttplay equipment ever seen! The attractions include an acrylic fisting-swing, a dildo see-saw, a leather padded

Fist Hole 3

Fist Hole

Fist Hole – its what every powerfist top dreams of. An open, gaping, lip-lined shaft begging to be filled by manfist. Award winning directors Chris Ward and Tony Dimarco bring

Arm Candy 2

Arm Candy

Get ready for glazed holes, red rosebuds, and lots of creamy cum in ‘Arm Candy!’ Director Christian Owen assembles a cast of raunchy pigs who get it on in a

Save My Hole

Save My Hole

Tony Buff serves up a more intimate trio of fisting encounters in Save My Hole, in which the depth of the connection only compliments the depth of the penetration. With

Nothin' Nice: Bill Marlowe, Blue Blake, Bull Stanton and Mega Mystery Hole

Nothin’ Nice: Bill Marlowe, Blue Blake, Bull Stanton and Mega Mystery Hole

Fans of muscle worship and fisting can’t miss this outrageous title from Plain Wrapped Video and Director Steven Scarborough. Don’t miss Bull Stanton, the renowned high-ranking competition body-builder in his

Back Alley

Back Alley

Set in a back alley and the adjacent sex club, this feature is loaded with all the sultry, rough and raunchy acts that you expect from Fetish Force: Bondage, Tit

Stretch 2


Long time Raging Stallion camera man David Hempling is a fisting expert: that is why he originally came to work for Chris Ward at Fisting Central. Finally, after many years

Ass Pigs - The Movie 3

Ass Pigs – The Movie

This cast of hardcore handballers would rather eat ass than food. They like to work an ass over until a bright red, sloppy rosebud pops out just so they can

Christian Herzog and Amerifist 2

Christian Herzog and Amerifist

Christian Herzog.. Handsome good looks, smokin hot bod and a hot hungry butt that loves to get stuffed! Amerifist gives him the fist fucking he deserves. Christians ass gobbles up

Up Your Alley 2 โ€“ The Movie 3

Up Your Alley 2 โ€“ The Movie

The Dore Alley Street Fair may be over, but the hot action keeps going in this continuation of Up Your Alley Part I. The action is so hot that no

Up Your Alley 1 - The Movie

Up Your Alley 1 – The Movie

On the last Sunday of every July, San Francisco hosts the infamous Dore Alley Street Fair. The Hot Hand Production video crew decided to hold a fisting party after the

Fire In The Foxhole - The Movie 2

Fire In The Foxhole – The Movie

Club Inferno invades a Palm Springs army compound overrun with twisted fist-pigs who deliver so much scorching-hot action there’s Fire In The Foxhole. These horned up handballers work the barracks

ToolBox Trilogy: Drilled 2

ToolBox Trilogy: Drilled

Raging Stallion head honcho Chris Ward built his career by being one of America’s great fisting performers and directors. For almost ten years his films have been considered the top


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