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Playtime – Damian FF and Axel Abysse – Part 2

Playtime – Damian FF and Axel Abysse – Part 2 8

Damian FF and Axel Abysse are super cool true gay fisting pigs so only one session was pretty insufficient for them. That’s why they get together once again as this time the session is even harder, and the rosebuds are even larger. It’s a nasty, filthy, piggy action and you’ll be impressed by everything happening in the video. Big dildos, speculums, pissing in the ass, punching, and even double fisting, just wait for the video!

We find Axel Abysse on the bed as Damian FF stands behind him. Axel’s hole is filled with a speculum and a big dildo at the same time. J Lube flows like a waterfall from Axel’s rosebud and the view is so good! Actually, it’s too good. We could say, it’s pretty better than the last time, which also was super good. And could you imagine it!? It’s just the beginning!

The scene continues with Axel Abysse and Damian FF self fisting their ruined holes… Wow, and it’s the best self fisting ever! Then, Damian plays with Axel’s enormous rosebud before welcoming Axel’s fist to his gaping hole. A few minutes later both of Axel’s fists are placed inside Damian, who enjoys the coolest double fisting in his life!

Axel Abysse

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