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Fisting Inferno

Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Timmy Pighole Elbow Deep – Part 1

Seth Tyler fist Fucks Timmy Pighole Elbow Deep - Part 1 3

Timmy Pighole returns to Seth Tyler’s house, ready to show how the gay fisting veterans take it. In 4 extreme parts, Timmy gets fist fucked elbow deep. Timmy is a pro in fisting. He has almost 25 years as a bottom, so his hole is very deep and extremely large. Timmy continues to enjoy the feeling and reacts as he would have reacted the first time.

He’s moaning in pleasure from the first finger to the last inch of Seth’s elbow. Timmy gets on all fours and Seth lubes up his tattooed hand. He slides in slowly, but Timmy definitely wants more. Well, Seth gives it to him. More and more! And more — until Seth is very deep inside Timmy’s pighole. Timmy is a champ and he really adores elbow deep fisting!

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    Fisting Inferno


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