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Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Timmy Pighole Elbow Deep – Part 3

Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Timmy Pighole Elbow Deep – Part 3 2

When the hole is deep enough, the session must be long enough. After 2 parts of elbow deep fisting, Seth Tyler and Timmy Pighole come back for round 3. Well, that’s not surprising. Timmy is an irresistible fistee and his internal rings need some additional attention. No problem, Seth and his massive tattooed arm are here to help Timmy satisfy his ass once again. To be honest, the session didn’t end here, because after that Timmy wanted more. You’ll be watching part 4 next week.

Here’s what Seth has sent us:

Seth is elbow deep in Timmy’s hole once again and Timmy is getting it the best he has ever had. It is just crazy watching how far and deep he can take it and keep asking for more!

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