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Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku

Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku 4

This week Axel Abysse presents a gay fisting video with the newcomer Kaga Yusaku. The name is split because of Kaga’s split tongue. That’s right, Kaga likes bodily modifications and he is very happy with his split tongue. Axel adds that while some choose the modification of their anus and its turning into a rosebud, others are experimenting with different parts of their body. The popular gay fisting actor adds that he loves unusual people and that’s why he likes Kaga so much.

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About Kaga: Yusaku is a Japanese porn actor based in Tokyo. Passionate about astrology and all things celestial, he’s also very fond of body modifications: split tongue, piercings, implants, and scarifications… Don’t get his quiet allure to deceive you, he’s a top, and a rough one with that.

Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku

Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku 1

Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku 2

Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku 3

Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku 4

Split: Axel Abysse & Kaga Yusaku 5

In his first video with Axel Abysse, Kaga licks the body of Axel from head to toe with his split tongue before he slides his fist in Axel’s crater cunt. Kaga delivers some gut punches that lead Axel to a whole new level of anal orgasms. Kaga isn’t just a top, he’s the perfect gay fisting top, as you’ll see in the video.

Axel Abysse

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