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Dyno Gets Fist Fucked By Joey JordanDeep Gay Fisting

Dyno Gets Fist Fucked By Joey Jordan

When Dino was going to the sports store, he wasn’t supposed to come back with anything more than a purchase. As he was picking up new sneakers, he was approached by an athletic, muscular, furry man who told him he knew who he was. Turns out the guy’s name was
Daydream with Axel Abysse – Part 1Gay Fisting

Daydream with Axel Abysse – Part 1

Did you know who The Great Hole of China was? We hadn’t heard of him, but thanks to Axel Abysse, he gets the popularity he deserves. “Daydream” is a two-part video featuring Axel and that brutal fist fucker Gr8holeofchina. As you’ve already guessed, he’s from China. Besides his passion for
Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Dan SowGay Fisting

Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Dan Sow

This time Seth Tyler welcomes his friend Dan Sow. Dan is a perfectly ordinary man, but he adores gay fisting, which is obvious, given his huge rosebud. Dan is also into huge toys, and piss play! And you can be sure Seth will put him through his paces! Seth starts
Axel Abysse and Parker Payne – Wet FistingGay Fisting

Axel Abysse and Parker Payne – Wet Fisting

Axel Abysse and Parker Payne get kinky inside a bathhouse. This is a very wet fisting session! The humidity is very high, the bodies are sweaty, and the ass juices fly literally everywhere.. This is the perversion we’ve been waiting for! Just imagine this extreme series of serious anal challenges,
Fluid: RedRoseHanky and Axel AbysseDouble Gay Fisting

Fluid: RedRoseHanky and Axel Abysse

Massive rosebuds, extremely stretched gaping holes, brutal pissing and gay fisting action. Axel Abysse reaches another level of brutality with his new video, featuring him and RedRoseHanky – an young guy with a huge, shining rosebud. This scene is “must have” in your collection because it includes the kinkiest and
8 Ball: Round 2 – Axel Abysse Punches LoveTheAssPunch Fisting

8 Ball: Round 2 – Axel Abysse Punches LoveTheAss

The non-traditional billiard tournament continues. In round two, LoveTheAss will get his own billiard pocket filled with balls and Axel Abysse’s fist. If you want to be good at the pool, you definitely need to train regularly. It’s the same as with fisting – to be good, you need to
8 Ball: Round 1 – LoveTheAss Punches Axel AbysseGay Fisting

8 Ball: Round 1 – LoveTheAss Punches Axel Abysse

In this new video by Axel Abysse, the famous fisting bottom experiments with his rosebud. He takes billiard balls up it and then gets punched by LoveTheAss. Axel Abysse was in a mood for something strange, so he decided to invite his new friend LoveTheAss to have punch fisting fun
Strong Arm Landlord – Movie TrailerGay Fisting

Strong Arm Landlord – Movie Trailer

The Untold Story of “Strong Arm Landlord”. When you have no money to pay your rent, rent out your hole as the guys from “Strong Arm Landlord” do – good fisting always helps. That’s right, in a fictional world created for brutal pigs like us, people don’t need to worry
Teddy Bryce, Brian Bonds and Axel Abysse – Fisting TheaterGay Fisting

Teddy Bryce, Brian Bonds and Axel Abysse – Fisting Theater

Teddy Bryce and his kinky theater. Welcome to Teddy Bryce’s “Fisting Theater”! Where professional fist fuckers show their holes on stage, and curious guys pay to watch their extreme performance. As the owner of the theater, Teddy walks the long way to finding new actors for his group. The audience
Seth Tyler: Fisting Rob BoyGay Fisting

Seth Tyler: Fisting Rob Boy

26 years old Rob Boy loves gay fisting and Seth Tyler gives it to him. Rob Boy is a little shy and he prefers to stay hidden (for now). We don’t know how actually his face looks like but Seth Tyler told us that the guy is really sexy. Well,


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