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Teacher’s Pet Fister: Micah Martinez & Drex Dixon

Teacher's Pet Fister: Micah Martinez & Drex Dixon 6

In this episode of “Teacher’s pet fister” by Fisting Inferno, Micah Martinez & Drex Dixon exchange their positions. This time Micah is the fisting bottom. Teacher Drew Dixon may be a true professional, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t occasionally give into his animal instincts while in the workplace. Fully naked in the middle of his classroom, Drew squats down and swallows coworker Micah Martinez’ cock before turning him around to bareback his hairy hole.

Drew breaks into his secret stash of lube to stretch out Micah’s ass even more and give him a true hands-on learning experience. Micah, now laying completely exposed on Drew’s desk, moans in delight as Drew’s fist and wrist disappear inside of his furry bubble butt. Drew’s large hands continue to toy with Micah’s used hole until the gaping bottom’s entire body is twitching and his cock spewing a load of jizz all over his meaty thighs.

This scene will debut at Fisting Inferno on November 04.

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