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Voltaic: Kaga Yusaku Fist Fucks Axel Abysse

Voltaic: Double Gay Fisting With Axel Abysse

Voltaic – the emanation of the transformation of Axel Abysse into a bottomless hole. Kaga Yusaku speeds up the process with double fisting, electrical stimulation, and a lot of kinky activities. If you have forgotten who Kaga Yusaku is, this is the man with the split tongue who is extremely addicted to extreme body modifications. We saw him once, earlier this year. What he and Axel have in common is their mutual passion for body modifications – the one adores tattoos and split tongues, while the other one has modified his hole, making it a symbol of fisting pride.

In Voltaic, these two kinky men reach new levels of perverted pleasure. The name of the scene is symbolic because it is associated with one of the main fetishes in it – electrical stimulation. Apparently, Axel Abysse enjoys the pain caused by the electrodes attached to his nipples – something we really wouldn’t try. Of course, the main focus of the scene is still fisting, or more precisely double fisting – something that Axel practices more and more often.

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