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Leather Dream: Ricky Larkin Edged By Dillon Diaz

Leather Dream: Ricky Larkin Edged By Dillon Diaz

Rikcy Larkin turns into a true leather man!

Ricky Larkin in leather from head to toe… yep’s it’s definitely a leather dream in this week’s Men On Edge video. Dillon Diaz is going to edge the stud roughly. To be honest, to see Ricky as a submissive slave is a big surprise, though, so far he has always been in the role of a master, so it would really be interesting to watch this stallion in an untypical performance. For his part, Dillon, who usually plays the sub, today will be the master, so this swap of roles is really intriguing.

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Let’s talk about the scene. It starts with Ricky’s shoes, of course, he wears black leather boots. Shortly thereafter, the camera gives a general idea of Ricky Larkin – black leather trousers, briefs, and even a leather face mask. It’s a real dream, isn’t it? Dillon Diaz appears and starts licking Ricky’s leather before he pulls Ricky’s massive cock out of his pants to suck it deep and hard.

Photos from the session

Dillon Diaz is also dressed in leather, so if you are a fan, the sensation of black matter can crazy you even through the screen. After the good blowjobs, Dillon does what Ricky Larkin adores. You probably know Ricky adores male feet. Dillon stays in front of Dillon’s feet and licks & worships them. Next is some nice tickling before Dillon puts a little dildo into Ricky’s ass and lets him cum.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Leather Dream: Ricky Larkin Edged By Dillon Diaz

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