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The Other Side Of Butch DixonDeep Gay Fisting

The Other Side Of Butch Dixon

Georges Sauvage manhandles a hungry cocksucker. He slaps him around and makes him suck and chew his cock. After fingering
Leather Men: Lucio Saints and Sam BarclayGay BDSM

Leather Men: Lucio Saints and Sam Barclay

The ‘great leather man’ Lucio Saints is a stunningly handsome stud and a stern master. Luckily Sam Barclay is just
Yenier & Ian SevtGay BDSM

Yenier & Ian Sevt

Muscle bull Yenier carries his victim Ian with a crane and bearded cutie Ian is ready for a demanding mission.
Slam Dunk – Derrick Hanson, Tony Bishop, Stretch, Chad WestGay BDSM

Slam Dunk – Derrick Hanson, Tony Bishop, Stretch, Chad West

Derrick Hanson has three hungy bottoms chained up in his garage. Tony Bishop is the first to be unchained. Hanson
Bad Ass – Jonathan Doe, Element EclipseGay BDSM

Bad Ass – Jonathan Doe, Element Eclipse

Element Eclipse comes to work expecting another dull day in the garage but finds his coworker Jonathan Doe chained up,
The TrusteesGay BDSM

The Trustees

Punk Draven Torres is caught tagging a wall by watchman Preston Steel. Preston cuffs Draven’s hands behind his back and
Leather PigsGay BDSM

Leather Pigs

These piggies really know how to play rough. After a dehumanizing cock sucking, St. Davide bottoms for Igor in the
Kane O’Farrell & Misha DanteGay BDSM

Kane O’Farrell & Misha Dante

Muscle stud Kane doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s jerking off. As punishment, blonde bearded bitch Misha gets his
Meaty Muscle Machinists, Part 6Gay BDSM

Meaty Muscle Machinists, Part 6

Boy Fillmore has his hands bound and is hanging from the over head crane, high above the machine shop floor.
Military Horse Cock, Part 1Gay BDSM

Military Horse Cock, Part 1

Question: What do you say to a fat 13-inch military horse cock? The Only Possible Fucking Answer: SIR, yes SIR!!!